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Business Development

Reaching an optimal level of performance and higher levels of profitability for your business requires access to deep industry knowledge, innovative ideas, and the right partner. We offer you a dedicated consultant and partner for hands-on support through each phase of your business growth.

Our experienced consultants help you develop your business plan, monitor progress systematically in Pentameter,® our practice management tool, and help you refine and adjust your plan as your practice evolves. 

  • Practice Optimization

  • Business Planning

  • Team and Business Acquisitions

  • Continuity and Succession Planning

  • Growth initiatives: Segmenting your book, expanding services, and hiring new staff 

  • Operations and technology: Assessing current workflows, enhancing productivity, and systematizing client service 

  • Talent management: Evaluating conditions for hiring, implementing hiring and training best practices, and addressing performance management concerns 

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and succession planning: Finding the right buyer or seller, structuring a deal, protecting your legacy and clients, and creating business continuity and succession plans 

  • Financial optimization: Benchmarking financial performance, planning to reduce expenses and optimize budget, managing financial metrics, and forecasting growth 

Practice Management Coaching

Practice Management Coaching

Run—and grow—your business, your way 

Increase your capacity and drive practice growth supported by a knowledgeable partner. Our experienced Business Consulting Group can help you identify opportunities to enhance your services and deepen relationships, build efficiency, and cement your legacy. 

Through a consultative process using proprietary business analysis tools, the team will examine five factors of business success: business development, operational efficiency, human capital, business management, and succession planning. 

They’ll create a benchmark for your practice and help you build a custom plan for the areas you want to adjust. The team also serves as your personal accountability partner as you work through your plan to drive profitability.

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