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Why Financial Professionals Choose Transcendent Advisors Network

Tested, successful

Your regional team provides practice management and training resources, technology systems and operational workflows, and marketing and branding capabilities so you can focus on client service and relationship building.

Support where
you are

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, your regional director can offer guidance on issues ranging from hiring, adding new services, planning your legacy, and more, based on their industry knowledge and years of experience.

Access to collective
scale and resources

Gain independence without having to go it alone. In addition to your regional teams and infrastructure, you can take advantage of support from the Cetera Advisor Networks Home Office team and their service, practice management, and wealth management resources to help you grow.

LEARN MORE: About Transcendent and our hands-on approach to supporting independent advice, contact our Managing Partner, Doug Propeck, at (913) 956-6682.

What Phase Are You In? 

For most advisors, the number of years they’ve been in business is a good indicator of the phase of their career.

Building your career on a successful foundation.

Connecting independent advisors, institutions, and producer groups with high-performing regional teams, we deliver the inspiration and collaboration to help you thrive. Accelerate growth backed by our proven infrastructure, local resources, and advanced operational capabilities.

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Client Centered

When you work with us, you gain:

  • Regulatory oversight to ensure your investments are monitored 

  • Guidance and training from knowledgeable consultants 

  • Access to a wide range of investment solutions to develop a financial strategy that fits your needs 

  • Independent market research and insights 

  • Advanced technology 

Financial professionals who work with us are supported by top-of-the-line services, tools, and resources. 

Objective Research & Commentary 

You and your financial professional have access to independent economic insight, foresight, and perspective to help keep you on track toward pursuing greater financial well-being.

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Education & Training 

Regular educational opportunities and conferences keep our registered representatives up to date on the latest market trends, investing techniques, and products.

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Our tools and platforms provide comprehensive services, including collaboration directly with you, display of your finances all in one place, and progress measured against your goals, as well as leading-edge cybersecurity and privacy protections.

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Advanced Planning Capabilities 

Forecasting tools and consulting teams give financial professionals at Cetera an edge in tailoring portfolio management and ongoing guidance to your individual goals and needs.

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Support for Retirement Plan Business

When our financial professionals manage retirement plans for business owners, they’re backed by specialized platforms, tools, and an in-house team of specialized consultants.

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An Advisory Platform That Fits Your Clients’ Needs

An Advisory Platform That Fits Your Clients’ Needs

Design flexible, customizable investment strategies using the My Advice Architect® platform 

  • Save time and gain greater scale for your advisory business with My Advice Architect®, our unified advisory platform. Comprised of four programs and accessed through a single web-based interface, the platform offers full flexibility and control in how you implement investment solutions for clients. 
  • My Advice Architect allows you to manage every step of the investment process in one place: proposal generation, portfolio creation, rebalancing and trading, monitoring and account maintenance, and reporting. Build comprehensive portfolios by consolidating assets and managing risk holistically, improving diversification across money managers and securities, and simplifying fees. 
Practice Management Coaching

Practice Management Coaching

Run—and grow—your business, your way 

Increase your capacity and drive practice growth supported by a knowledgeable partner. Our experienced Business Consulting Group can help you identify opportunities to enhance your services and deepen relationships, build efficiency, and cement your legacy. 

Through a consultative process using proprietary business analysis tools, the team will examine five factors of business success: business development, operational efficiency, human capital, business management, and succession planning. 

They’ll create a benchmark for your practice and help you build a custom plan for the areas you want to adjust. The team also serves as your personal accountability partner as you work through your plan to drive profitability. Work with the Business Consulting Group for guidance on: 

  • Growth initiatives: Segmenting your book, expanding services, and hiring new staff 
  • Operations and technology: Assessing current workflows, enhancing productivity, and systematizing client service 
  • Talent management: Evaluating conditions for hiring, implementing hiring and training best practices, and addressing performance management concerns 
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and succession planning: Finding the right buyer or seller, structuring a deal, protecting your legacy and clients, and creating business continuity and succession plans 
  • Financial optimization: Benchmarking financial performance, planning to reduce expenses and optimize budget, managing financial metrics, and forecasting growth 
Marketing That Makes Meaningful Connections

Marketing That Makes Meaningful Connections

Forge deeper relationships with clients and prospects 

Attract new clients, ensure your value stays top of mind with current ones, and establish yourself as a trusted financial resource with our comprehensive suite of marketing resources. 

  • Lead Generation 
  • Client Communication Tools 
  • On-Demand Collateral Printing 
Advanced Planning Group

Advanced Planning Group

Strengthen your relationships and provide support for clients’ complex financial needs by partnering with our Advanced Planning Group. 

This team of highly credentialed legal and financial specialists provide support in the following strategic planning areas: 

  • Wealth transfer planning 
  • Retirement distribution planning 
  • Business and succession planning 
  • Stock options 
  • Life insurance and annuity planning 
Support for sophisticated financial issues

Support for sophisticated financial issues

Strengthen your relationships and provide support for clients’ complex financial needs by partnering with our Advanced Planning Group. 

This team of highly credentialed legal and financial specialists provide support in the following strategic planning areas: 

  • Wealth transfer planning 
  • Retirement distribution planning 
  • Business and succession planning 
  • Stock options 
  • Life insurance and annuity planning 


Harness our in-depth knowledge to provide comprehensive investment portfolios 

Access informed, independent investment research from our in-house research team. 

Comprised of experienced, well-credentialed industry veterans, the team provides thought leadership, market analysis, and investment perspectives to enhance your delivery of objective financial advice. They’re fully focused on providing you in-depth recommendations so you can spend less time researching and more time presenting the investment strategies you’ve thoughtfully crafted. 

The team provides a variety of resources, much of which you can customize and use directly with clients, to keep you supported in your investment recommendations and up to date on the latest economic trends. 

Support includes: 

  • End-to-End Portfolio Support 
  • Investment Implementation 
  • Portfolio Monitoring & Review 
  • Trends and Research 
Powerful Support for Your Retirement Plan Business 

Powerful Support for Your Retirement Plan Business 

Build a world-class retirement plan offering with our comprehensive retirement resources 

Making it easy for employers to offer retirement plans is a critical step toward building your retirement plan business and helping to solve America’s retirement crisis. At Transcendentyou’ll always have access to resources to manage and grow your retirement plan business and help clients work toward a more confident future. 

  • Practice Consulting Group 
  • In-House Third-Party Administrator 
  • Plan Advice and Consulting Platform 
  • Access to Envestnet Retirement Solutions 
  • Insourced Solutions 
  • Guided Retirement Solutions 
Legacy Builder 

Legacy Builder 

A Powerful Program to Protect Your Business, Clients, Family, and Legacy 

Gain greater confidence for your practice and your clients with Legacy Builder, a program that provides comprehensive support for your continuity and succession plans. Offered through Cetera’s Business Consulting Group and available only to advisors affiliated with a Cetera firm, this full-service solution is designed to remove or minimize nearly every barrier to ensuring that when you exit the business, the people you serve and the legacy you’re building are protected. 

Even if you plan to work past retirement age or wind your practice down, Legacy Builder provides a stopgap solution that ensures your clients are cared for if you have an unplanned exit from the business. 

In addition, Legacy Builder delivers personalized support to help you increase the value of your business to provide maximum benefit to you and your family when you retire. 

  • Continuity Planning 
  • Succession Planning 
  • Qualified Buyer Program 
Changing Client Needs 

Changing Client Needs 

Take a fee-for-service approach to grow and enhance client relationships 

Expand your value-added services to existing clients and increase your appeal to a new generation of clients by offering services that create longer-term relationships. Cetera is partnering with AdvicePay to provide an easy way for you to offer a fee-for-service billing model, opening up your practice to new opportunities for growth. Using a fee-for-service model allows you to provide financial guidance that doesn’t hinge on market performance. 

You’re able to profitably provide new choices for financial guidance, with services like: 

  • Assistance with budgeting, cash flow, or debt reduction 
  • Help with organizing and prioritizing financial goals 
  • Financial literacy and education 
  • Review of estate planning documents 
  • Recommendations to reduce tax exposure 

Adding this option also gives you the opportunity to expand your revenue generation capabilities and differentiate your practice. You can reach new investors who may not meet your investment minimums today but have high future potential, or provide additional services to existing clients who may benefit from an hourly, retainer, or subscription model. 

Our teams provide guidance on how to implement AdvicePay and your fee-for-service model, including: 

  • Determining your business model and target market 
  • Establishing a pricing model 
  • Developing a marketing plan and client talking points 
  • Setting meetings with a key group of early adopter clients 
  • Evaluating the approach, based on learnings 


Help your clients uncover how they feel about their financial future 

Enhance communication and collaboration with your clients and prospects by using Decipher™, our client discovery tool that helps individuals see the underlying feelings behind their financial choices. You’ll be able to use the information gleaned from the Decipher experience to offer greater personalization for clients’ investment strategies and connect with each individual on a deeper level. 

Investing in Your Success

Investing in Your Success

Your growth is our priority. Partner with an organization that knows your goals are within reach and is equally committed to making them a reality. 

As part of our family of firms, you’ll have access to two loan programs that can boost organic growth and long-term success.  

Growth Alignment Plan 

Loans distributed through this plan are individually underwritten to support highly predictable growth efforts. Examples include acquiring a non-Cetera practice, recruiting new advisors to your practice or program, or building out a tax practice. The plan is funded with loan agreements paid back through an additional bonus, and each loan targets a two to three-year cash-on-cash return. The bonus plan has a three- to five-year term. 

Cashflow Relief Plan 

These loans are also individually underwritten, but support growth efforts that are more oriented toward retaining assets and/or other more promissory activities. Examples include lead generation initiatives, succession plans within the Cetera family, and recruiting efforts for new-to-the-industry advisors and paraplanners. Loans are repaid over a three- to five year term. 

Learning and Development Opportunities 

Learning and Development Opportunities 

Increase your professional acumen and stand out from the crowd 

Deliver the customized independent advice your clients seek with our leading professional development courses and forward-thinking conferences and events—all of which are designed to deepen your individual knowledge and help position you as a trusted source for comprehensive financial solutions. 

  • Training Programs 
  • Certified Wealth Strategist® (CWS®) Program 
  • Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) Program: 
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) Program 
  • Certificate in Applied Behavioral Finance: 
  • Masters Courses 
  • Conferences 

What Phase Are You In? 

For most advisors, the number of years they’ve been in business is a good indicator of the phase of their  

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