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The Cetera Research team is dedicated to producing unbiased research you can use with your clients and prospects. This team is made up of dedicated industry experts; with many members having earned advanced degrees and designations such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).  

They specialize in providing research and investment analysis for equities, fixed income, and alternative investments, analyzing the nuances of various fund classes, and provide advisors with additional insights through the Monthly Market Monitor and Quarterly Recap Reports.  

Cetera Research supports Transcendent Advisor Networks advisors by giving them the power to access a large-scale, regimented body of research, including: 

  • In-depth market perspectives 
  • Timely economic insights 
  • Asset allocation recommendations 
  • Manager guidance 
  • Model portfolios 


Harness our in-depth knowledge to provide comprehensive investment portfolios 

Access informed, independent investment research from our in-house research team. 

Comprised of experienced, well-credentialed industry veterans, the team provides thought leadership, market analysis, and investment perspectives to enhance your delivery of objective financial advice. They’re fully focused on providing you in-depth recommendations so you can spend less time researching and more time presenting the investment strategies you’ve thoughtfully crafted. 

The team provides a variety of resources, much of which you can customize and use directly with clients, to keep you supported in your investment recommendations and up to date on the latest economic trends. 

Support includes: 

  • End-to-End Portfolio Support 
  • Investment Implementation 
  • Portfolio Monitoring & Review 
  • Trends and Research 

When you work with us, you gain: 

  • Access to a wide range of investment solutions 
  • Independent market research and insights 
  • Advanced technology 
  • Regulatory oversight to ensure your investments are monitored 
  • Guidance and training from knowledgeable consultants 

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