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Succession Planning

Financial advisors build their careers helping their clients think through their financial goals to deliver a plan that helps them pursue their dreams. The advisors we work with are increasingly interested in planning for an eventual business succession. Our succession planning resources truly assist advisors make critical and smart decisions regarding their future and the future of their business and clients.   

Along with Cetera, we assist with the following services:  

  • Planning for a successor  
  • Recommending sources for obtaining a formal valuation for your practice  
  • Recommending resources for structuring a succession plan agreement  
  • Creating a transition plan from you to another advisor  
  • Assisting with funding options for the buyer  
  • Helping you execute your transition
Legacy Builder

Legacy Builder

A Powerful Program to Protect Your Business, Clients, Family, and Legacy 

Gain greater confidence for your practice and your clients with Legacy Builder, a program that provides comprehensive support for your continuity and succession plans. Offered through Cetera’s Business Consulting Group and available only to advisors affiliated with a Cetera firm, this full-service solution is designed to remove or minimize nearly every barrier to ensuring that when you exit the business, the people you serve and the legacy you’re building are protected. 

Even if you plan to work past retirement age or wind your practice down, Legacy Builder provides a stopgap solution that ensures your clients are cared for if you have an unplanned exit from the business. 

In addition, Legacy Builder delivers personalized support to help you increase the value of your business to provide maximum benefit to you and your family when you retire. 

  • Continuity Planning 
  • Succession Planning 
  • Qualified Buyer Program 

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